Jeunesse RESERVE Works At The Cellular Level I CAP-e Test Results

Jeunesse RESERVE Works At The Cellular Level

An independent study shows that the Jeunesse Global ‪#‎RESERVE‬™ works at the cellular level to inhibit oxidative damage. The purpose of the CAP-e test is to determine if antioxidants are capable of entering into and protecting live cells from oxidative damage. See for yourself how RESERVE™ can "supercharge" your internal system. The body of the report is essentially the results section.  Please keep in mind, the purpose of the CAP-e test is to determine if antioxidants are capable of entering into and protecting live cells from oxidative damage.  Since a protective e ect was seen and an IC50 was reached, we were able to generate a CAP-e number and state there is extremely significant biological antioxidant penetration and protection by the product.

On a complex product like this, with antioxidant compounds with very di erent solubility properties, it was agreed that testing in both aqueous and non-aqueous solvent would provide the best appreciation
of the antioxidant protection provided to living cells.  By doing both extraction methods, you get a broader understanding of the biological activity and antioxidant protection than by doing only one solvent. We understand that one of the many antioxidant ingredients is resveratrol.  This compound has some, but limited solubility in water.  It therefore contributes only a little bit to the water extract CAP-e.  In contrast, it is likely contributing much more to the ethanol CAP-e.  Other ingredients have other solubility properties.

A separate, additional benefit of the CAP-e is that positive results can point towards further bioassays.  Because of the positive test results in the CAP-e of the Jeunesse RESERVE product, NIS Labs will now propose further testing that may generate additional meaningful data

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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