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What Is Relationship Marketing 

Let's talk about relationships. We all have them. We often under appreciate them.

In business, that happens even more.

  1. Relationship marketing was first defined as a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions.
It left out the important part, FEELINGS. I see a lot of "FORMING" to sell happening out there, but not a lot of authentic caring. 

People want you when they want you. People share only what makes them money. People do a lot of taking, and very little give. 

That is why when I took a look at Jeunesse Global I was so blown away by the People Factor and the giving nature from the top of the organization all the way down to the bottom. Let's make it successful, and they have. They go beyond, they do what's right. 

Think about the Instantly Ageless Serum, they could have easily made cheaper, and just rushed to get it out the doors without being worried about quality. Yet they did not. Jeunesse cares about the quality of their products, and will not jump over the good manufacturing process just to make a dollar. That is why Jeunesse's Instantly Ageless is now on back order to the public, and low quantity for the distributors. We take care of our own. Don't we? 

We also share health, not sale products. These products are what we have in our stores, but they are not our business. Our business is the enhancement of youth. Health and wealth for as many people as we can properly connect with. Doesn't that sound like a much more passionate business model? Becoming a Conscious Creator in business is a tagline for some, but it's why the Team Jeunesse group is growing faster than any group out there globally. They really truly care about your success! They really do care about your health!! And they really do everything they can to support you! Would you like to learn more


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